Maneuvering the Hidden Job Market: Use Your Skills to Get Your Foot In the Door

Having trouble finding your dream job in the tech industry? Frustrated with scanning seemingly endless pages of job board listings only to come up empty handed? If you’ve been considering pivoting your career or establishing your place in the tech industry, there’s no need to fret: the hidden job market is waiting to be explored.

What Is the Hidden Job Market?

The hidden job market is an array of available jobs — not exclusive to the tech industry — unavailable or unadvertised online. Although it may seem like a field for well-connected and established professionals, this market is available to all: it just takes the right initiatives to find these positions. Tech companies may choose not to advertise these positions for a variety of reasons. Some companies have internal referral programs to benefit employees who identify and bring in high-value talent, while startups may be trying to save some cash. Either way, thoughtful networking can help prospects find these jobs and gain insider tips to land an interview.

According to research from Glassdoor, 43% of all positions at tech companies on their platform are non-technical roles, opening up jobs at these heavily sought-after companies to those without traditional tech degrees such as software engineering or development — but this doesn’t mean those positions are not in high demand.

How to Land an Interview in Tech’s Hidden Job Market

So what steps can you take to navigate this hidden market successfully and discover opportunities perfectly suited to your skillset? We’ve put a few of our favorite tactics together:

Network, Network, Network

Yes, we know you’ve heard this one before, probably countless times. However, like many popular phrases, it’s probably best to take this advice to heart and put it into action as often as possible.

In the modern world, the opportunity to find and attend professional networking events within the tech industry are widely available, especially when you consider the power of online networking. From cleaning up your LinkedIn profile to finding upcoming conferences in your area, you’ll be surprised how both traditional and modern networking methods can help you conjure up opportunities you wouldn’t find otherwise.

Spruce Up Your Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch doesn’t have to be a long-winded speech about who you are, the goals you have, and how you’d love to spend your professional life. Rather, the best pitches are ones that can be summed up clearly in a sentence or two and placed into conversations without anyone being taken aback.

While you’re networking, be sure to use your short (and sweet) pitch when the conversation asks to your perspective. If this tactic feels a bit awkward, remember that your skills can fill in the gaps of organizations just as much as an opportunity will help you grow.

Utilize Email Marketing to Your Benefit

No, we’re not talking about spamming friends and relatives with updates on your professional situation. Rather, explore the depths of your inbox, and start subscribing to email updates from companies you’d love to work for.

Often, these companies share upcoming job openings and current opportunities in their newsletters as a tactic for drawing in candidates already interested in their mission.

Get an Insider's Perspective

At nexplay, our mission is to connect people with opportunities in the tech field using innovative techniques and a personalized approach. When you work with us, we take time to get to know you, your experiences, your goals, and connect you with a tech insider to discuss how to approach applying for positions at your dream company. Not only is this useful in getting your foot in the door, but our clients can gain key insights into the interview and hiring processes at top tech companies and overcome obstacles often in the way of identifying opportunities in the hidden job market.

We've assembled a community of key industry leaders to provide insight into some of the most coveted tech companies in the world. Our team of insiders will help guide you through the interview and hiring process and help you determine if you're a match. From top-performing managers to salespeople, engineers to finance professionals, and marketers to leadership development program associates—you’ll be speaking to experienced, vetted professionals who have successfully overcome the same hurdles you're facing at your target companies.

To learn more about nexplay and our process, visit us online today.

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