Here's What You Should Be Asking During Your Next Insider Call

For many recent graduates or established professionals, flipping through plenty of relevant opportunities can make your job search feel draining, especially when you start looking at job search statistics.

According to TopResume, 80% of jobs are not posted online, and a third of external hires come from referrals. Luckily, there is a method to overcome both of these hurdles: an informal interview, or what we at nexplay like to call an Insider call.

What Is an Insider Call?

An insider call with nexplay allows prospects and career seekers to chat with current or former employee of a top tech company of their choosing. You’ll get acquainted, exchange background information, discuss your career aspirations, and receive tips on creating a resume, LinkedIn presence, and job search tips for your target industry or position.

These calls allow insiders to share key insights into their company’s day-to-day and overarching operations, along with diving into a review of open positions based on your profile. Whether you’re looking for an overview of the company’s hiring process or for help optimizing your resume for your target career path, an insider call gives you valuable and actionable feedback to streamline your job search.

Making the Most of an Insider Call

Before you begin asking your most sought after questions for your insider call, help your personality shine through by:

Being personable. During any type of professional call, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re human-ness shines through. Ask about their day, their weekend, or how they’re feeling in general.

Being curious. Curiosity is what allows us to expand our minds and learn more about the topics we’re interested in. Be sure to show interest in the company’s needs, and in turn, you can share how your skills and experience may be of value.

Being respectful. Although for you an insider call might be a new experience, inside professionals are often running on limited time. Demonstrate your respect by being mindful of the questions you’re asking, how long the call is running for, and thanking them for sharing their time and insights with you.

3 Key Questions to Ask During an Insider Call

A major aspect of being respectful and personable during your insider call is entering the meeting with a set of relevant and valuable questions. The following questions can be asked during your nexplay insider call to establish rapport and discover insights that will help you optimize your application for your targeted company.

“What is the hiring process at your company?”

This question may seem obvious, but being aware of the steps an organization takes as it makes new hires can be invaluable for prospects. Not only can you uncover the key information and documentation you’ll need to prepare for your application, but you can generate an idea of what has to happen behind-the-scenes before an offer of employment is put forward.

“What type of skills is your department looking for?”

Of course, this question will help you determine the skills and experiences to highlight on documentation such as your resume and cover letter. However, asking this question might also prompt an insider to carefully consider the areas of expertise most relevant to a department and jump-start a conversation about the unique experiences you could bring to a department or position.

“What positions do you think someone with my experience would thrive in?”

Expanding on the last suggestion, this question gives you a chance to position yourself as uniquely qualified to be the ideal candidate for positions that could potentially be open. If a suggested position isn’t currently available at an organization, you’ve still placed yourself in the mind of the insider while also discovering a new career avenue best suited to your skills and expertise.

On top of asking the right questions during an insider call, it’s vital to use the insights you can and turn them into actionable steps forward. Whether it’s sprucing up your resume or gaining a reference from your insider for an open position, you’ll be in a better position for success than you were before your insider call.

If you’re interested in getting matched with an insider from a top tech company, learn more about scheduling an insider call with nexplay today.

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