Formatting Your Thank You Letter

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

The most successful interviews often include plenty of behind-the-scenes work by the applicant and interviewer alike. From optimizing your LinkedIn profile for tech companies to getting your foot in the door through an informative coffee chat, being invited to an interview requires ensuring that you’re presenting yourself in the best light to potential employers. But what happens once your initial interview is over? In a recent blog post on the mistakes interviewees should try and avoid, we highlighted the importance of an artfully crafted thank you note. Rather than arriving home and waiting for the days or weeks it takes to hear back from an organization, take initiative and write a personalized thank you letter to your interviewer.

Not only does sending a quick thank you email demonstrate to potential employers that you’re excited about the opportunity, but that you pay attention to details and can build professional relationships with ease.

To learn more about how a quick post-interview follow-up can help demonstrate your dedication to obtaining a job in the tech industry, use this post to gain insights into what information your thank you note should include, how to format your letter, and when you should be sending one.

What is a thank you letter?

A thank you note—or thank you letter— is simple in function: it’s a short note aimed at helping you develop a professional relationship with potential employers or a new connection. Although an email is a completely acceptable method of sending a thank you note, try your hand at a thank you card or letter for positions you’re really yearning for or connections you’d like to foster.

What information should you include in your thank you letter?

A thank you letter doesn’t need to be lengthy by any means, but it should succinctly communicate your experience, your skills, your qualifications, and how these traits add up to being the ideal candidate for the position. The key to a great thank you letter is ensuring that it’s personalized for the recipient. Try to include a friendly thanks for sharing their time with you, any follow-up information that might have been missed in the interview or coffee chat, and a quick summary of the value your skill set would bring to an open position or company.

Formatting Your Thank You Letter

A thank you letter isn’t a 500-word note reiterating your resume and cover letter. Whether you’re writing a thank you email or sending a handwritten letter, keep the formatting simple and your tone professional. If you’re typing the note, the font should be easy to read (think Arial or Times New Roman font in size 12.)

To help you get the ball rolling, we’ve developed a well-rounded—but to the point—post-interview thank you note template:

Dear (name of professional contact or interviewer),

Thank you again for taking the time to share your insights and interview me last Thursday. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and left the interview feeling well-informed and excited about the opportunity to work with you and your team. You were a great interviewer and made me feel incredibly welcome.

During the interview, we touched on the importance of having previous experience working within the tech industry. I brought up my experiences assisting in generating marketing collateral for a fast-growing app startup, and want to share that I also worked alongside their UX team to create engaging UX microcopy for the app.

I would readily accept an invitation to the next-steps of your organization’s hiring process. If you’d like to get in touch, I can be easily reached at this email address.

Thanks again,

(your full name)

Now that you’re equipped with tips to optimize your thank you note—including a helpful template—you’re ready to streamline your job search and network like a seasoned professional. Learn more about how nexplay can help you connect with tech industry professionals by connecting with us online today.

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