Feeling The Summer Lull? How To Network During Vacation Season

Summer has arrived, and with it comes the urge to take a break from browsing job opportunities, sit back, take it easy, and spend as much time as you can in the sun. If you’re a recent graduate or in the middle of a job search, you’re well aware that summer can be a tricky time to get your foot in the door with decision-makers and hiring teams at tech companies.

With professionals at every level taking time off to recharge for a busy third quarter, some job seekers may be fretting the prospect of making moves and networking during this quarter. Luckily, there are ways you can thrive during this quiet period—and even land your dream job—while others sit back and wait for the job market to heat up again.

Is Summer Really a Quiet Season for Networking?

The short answer? It can be, but summer can also provide little-known, hidden networking opportunities to find or advance your career. Although summer may be quieter for companies recruiting new business, job seeking in summer provides some unforeseen avenues for networking and getting your foot in the door.

Practicing networking basics throughout the summer offers recent graduates and pivoting professionals some unexpected advantages, including:

Less Competition

With the expectation being that summer networking and job seeking doesn’t yield results, plenty of your competition will be waiting until the fall to jump back into the job hunt.

Decision Makers are Relaxed

There’s just something about summer—be it frequent long weekends or the extra dose of sunshine—that has people feeling relaxed and less stressed, including decision-makers and key players while they’re filling open roles.

Time to Perfect Your Portfolio

Whether you’re a new or seasoned professional, you can take advantage of the longer daylight hours, holidays, and vacation time summer offers and optimize your Linked In profile or spruce up your CV, resume, and portfolio to maximize your impact during your next networking event or informal interview.

Non-Traditional Networking Tips for the Summer Months

The best part of summer networking is that it can be a truly enjoyable experience for both yourself and the professionals you’re meeting with. If you’re looking for some non-traditional networking methods to help you take control of your career search, try these tips this season:

Set up a weekend or evening coffee chat. Break free of traditional time constraints and schedule your next coffee chat or informal interview for an evening or weekend. On top of having a great brunch or happy hour refreshment, you’ll be demonstrating your dedication to your career and potentially have an insightful chat about career opportunities with the professional you’re meeting with.

Establish connections online. Of course, making connections online during the summer months isn’t out of the question. For some professionals, summer is an invitation to switch-up their routine and work remotely for a week or two, so stay active on Linked In, search for local networking meet-ups in your area, or try out a service like nexplay and get your foot in the door with an industry insider.

This summer, take charge of your career search and employ these tips and tricks to make standout professional connections and celebrate finding your new job while the weather is still great.

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