Don’t End Your Interview Without Asking These Six Questions

The time has come. You’ve been preparing for this interview for what feels like months. Your best clothes are hung up and ready, you’ve researched commonly asked interview questions that may come up, and you’ve even printed out an extra copy of your resume and cover letter, just in case.

No matter how refined your soft and hard skills are, without asking the right questions, an interview can quickly feel unbalanced, challenging, and perhaps even awkward. If you’re a college grad or established professional, these six questions can help you understand the metrics used by decision makers at your dream company to measure success in your desired role.

During the first part of your interview, do your best to answer any questions your interviewer may have for you to the best of your ability. This positioning segment of an interview guides the flow of the conversation and allows you to make mental notes of imperative information. Then, ask the following interview questions to get a better understanding of the role, the company, and their values:

Interview Questions to Position Yourself for Success

Curious if you’re the perfect fit for the position at hand? These questions will help you learn more about the available role, as well as what your main responsibilities would be.

  • Is this a new position? If so, why did it become necessary? If not, what are the typical challenges I may face in this role?

  • When you think about the future of this position, do you think responsibilities will be largely the same, or is there opportunity for growth and change?

  • Could you give me some examples of projects I may have a hand in?

Interview Questions to Uncover the Company Culture

Before you enter any new position, it’s vital to make sure that you’ll genuinely enjoy your time at the company. Further than inquiring about fun offerings such as a staff foosball table or unlimited (and hopefully tasty) coffee, asking questions about the company’s culture gives you insight into what people appreciate about working there.

  • What are the biggest challenges this department faces?

  • How does your company measure success and what are the metrics used to determine these measurements?

  • Does the company complete regular performance reviews or provide feedback on employee performance?

Finally: Do Your Research and Engage With Your Interviewer

Of course, the key to a successful job search and subsequent interview is doing your research. Ideally, you’ll have completed some company research before you schedule an interview, but we understand that it can be challenging to take a deep dive into a company’s website before you feel confident you’ll have a chance to sit down with decision makers.

Once you’ve landed an interview, streamline your research and look at these company site pages with a pen and paper handy for notes:

Homepage: A company’s homepage will often give you a pretty good overview of who the company is, the services or products they provide, and who their target audience is.

About Us: On the About Us page, take note of the organization’s mission, history, and values. This information can provide you with in-depth insight into the company and their “why.”

Services: Hoping to get a sense of an organization’s structure or how they operate day-to-day? A thorough review of their services page will help. Look into their core services, their process, and how a customer can get started with them so you can enter your interview with the right company knowledge.

Blog: A company’s Blog or News page can give you an up-to-date perspective on their recent events, big news, acquisitions, and other relevant and current information.

Not only do these pages often contain core information about a business, but they also lend a hand in building your understanding of what a company values most.

To take your interview a step further and end on a light note, ask your interviewer what they love about the company. Their answer can provide insight into the company culture overall, and also help you build a genuine professional connection with the interviewer long before your follow-up email.

At nexplay, we help job seekers like you—whether you’re a recent college grad or pivoting professional—get valuable job referrals and interview advice. By connecting candidates with tech industry insiders, you can gain enlightening information on the unique interviewing techniques and hiring process relevant to your dream company.

What are the questions you always ask before you leave an interview? Let us know in the comments below!

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