Do You Need a Personal Portfolio Website?

The online space as we know it delivers an incredible opportunity for large scale organizations and individuals alike to share their thoughts, opinions, and work. With the help of tools like drag-and-drop website builders and professional social media platforms like LinkedIn, it’s easier than ever for people to make meaningful online connections.

Whether you’re an established professional wanting to display your portfolio of work or a recent graduate looking for a space to showcase your experience and skill set, a personal portfolio website can help the people you want to find you do so with ease.

But what is a personal portfolio website, and how can it help you build rapport and trust with recruiters and hiring teams

What is a personal portfolio website?

Your personal portfolio website is an online space dedicated to showcasing your work and sharing a bit about who you are and what you do.

Best-in-class portfolio websites are designed to deliver a range of benefits to both yourself and your website visitors, including:

A portfolio website can make it easier for people to find you. Whether it’s a recruiter looking to see if you’re the right fit for an open position or a potential lede interested in the work you’ve done for past clients, a well-designed portfolio website can make it easy for prospects to learn more about you.

A portfolio websites lets you demonstrate your skills, expertise, and abilities. Of course, the most obvious use case for a personal portfolio website is to be just that: a portfolio. Update your work portfolio with links and images (if applicable) of your most relevant work and the projects you’ve taken part in that you’re most proud of.

A portfolio website can free up some time. Your portfolio website is operating 24/7—even when you’re not actively job hunting. Not only can a personal portfolio website help others learn more about you, but regular updates to your work portfolio (or blog, if you’re interested in writing on a regular basis) keeps people interested in your work and demonstrates your successes.

What information should you include?

According to Kinsta, there are a few key inclusions for a well-rounded personal portfolio website, such as:

  • Relevant information about yourself, such as your name, your job title, and a recent (and flattering, of course) photo of yourself.

  • Your elevator pitch. You can learn how to hone your elevator pitch in our recent blog post.

  • Testimonials from previous clients or employers. However, this is more applicable for freelancers looking to find new clients or those hoping to get noticed by top-tier organizations. Be sure to ask for permission before using any testimonials or quotes.

  • Links to your past work and high-quality images of this work, if available.

  • Contact information, including your email address and social media links.

Examples of website builders and templates

Modern website builders have made it easy to create your own personal portfolio website without having an in-depth coding knowledge. Some of our favorites include:

Squarespace: If you listen to any podcasts, you’ve most likely heard of this popular website builder. Known for its intuitive user experience and all-in-one capabilities, Squarespace is ideal for people looking to build a sleek, modern personal portfolio site.

Wix: Wix is all about uniqueness, freedom, and customization. They’re dedicated to making website building easy for individuals at all skill levels. Wordpress has been around for a while now, but their website building platform is as great as ever. With a free option and affordable monthly rates for those looking for more personalization, you can choose from a wide variety of templates to make creating your website easy.

If you’re ready to put your best foot forward online, get started on creating your personal portfolio website today.

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