A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding Your Dream Job This Winter

If you’re looking for a new opportunity post-college or simply want to make a pivot in your professional life, job hunting can be especially frustrating as Q4 moves forward.

As Gwen Moran discusses in an article for Fast Company, “The Q1 Effect” demonstrates that between early January and into April is traditionally the best period for successful job seeking.

So what can you do to find your dream job during a challenging season? We’ve compiled a few tips to help you streamline your job search, discover new opportunities, and optimize your journey to help you land a position that best suits your unique skills and professional goals.

With most people starting jobs at the beginning of the year, the time is NOW to start taking the necessary steps to help uncover new job opportunities.

1. Update your resume, cover letter, and online portfolio

Of course a step-by-step guide to finding your dream job wouldn’t be complete without reminding you to update your resume, professional portfolio, and cover letter. In fact, we

recently published a blog post with pointers for crafting a cover letter that will get you noticed.

Consider adding any new professional skills or volunteer experience gained since you last updated your resume. Additionally, take a peek at places online recruiters or hiring teams may look to find out more about you and your skills, such as your website or professional social media accounts. 35.5 million people have found a job through a connection made on LinkedIn, so don’t forget to optimize your LinkedIn profile as you begin your job search.

2. Leverage technology

Although it’s often overlooked, organization is a key facet of streamlining your job search, especially when you’re actively networking and keeping an eye out for new opportunities. According to LinkedIn Talent Solutions, “the top way people find a new job is through a referral,” so don’t overlook networking as an active part of your strategy.

From using online planning tools such as Todoist to scheduling network events and coffee chats to systematizing your job search with a Google Sheet for applications and follow-up dates, technology can assist you in taking your networking endeavors—and your job search overall—to the next level.

And with some studies demonstrating that busy people may be more motivated to get things done after missing a deadline, something as simple as making a job search spreadsheet might be enough to keep you motivated.

3. Take advantage of online platforms

The modern job search looks very different than that of even a few years ago Online platforms designed to help streamline your networking efforts can assist you in finding opportunities and landing a position at your dream company.

Of course, we’d be making a mistake by not mentioning that nexplay is specifically designed to help you take control of your career search. With targeted insights that allow you to explore open roles and access insights from industry insiders without having to step foot in a networking event, we’ve geared our service to make your career search easy.

If you’re ready to level-up your networking and job search this winter, discover our network of top tech organizations around the globe.

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